A-Levels… Why.

Hey guys… and by guys i mean the two people who viewed my last post (you know who you are) but hello to any newcomers out there! Stay a while… enjoy the view!

I’m just heading into Year 13, starting early because my school hates its students, and we’re already being told to revise up to 36 hours per week outside of school. Let me break this down for you;

School day –  (6hr30m)
Food/Hygiene stuff – (1hr30m)
Sleep – (8hr)
Hobbies/Freetime – (3hr)
Total – 19hours.

Okay, so, 19 hours of my day are taken up by generic things that i need to keep myself functioning. That leaves me with 5 hours to revise through every weekday which totals 25 hours and leaves me with 11 hours still to complete over the weekend. My weekend schedule is as follows;

Sleep – 12hr
Food/Hygene – 3hr
Free Time – 3hr
Homework – 2hr
Total – 20hours.

That leaves me with 4 hours to spend revising (homework isn’t classed as revision) which totals at 8 per weekend. 11 – 8 = 3 Which means that i cannot physically complete the revision I am expected to without losing out on my hobbies or sleep. Okay, some people may say that 12 hours sleep is excessive on a weekend however I’ve become dependent on this which allows me to have only 8 hours of sleep on a weeknight.
I could live with losing a couple of hours sleep to cover my needs for revision at this current time, however, they’ve suggested that in 3 Months we’re going to need to be completing 7 hours of revision each evening. I am not losing any more time from my schedule to revise impossible numbers. There is not enough time in the day to assist me in this level of commitment.

Many people will be thinking “stop complaining” or “It just gets harder”. But does it really? The next stage of education is University and that requires just a few hours of every week in lectures, not six-and-a-half hours every day like school currently does. This allows me to spread out my revision over the course of the whole day instead of cramming it in through the late hours of the evening like I currently have to.
The university schedule is far easier to handle, and would work much better through Sixth-Form, for students and allows for their focus to be directly on the course at hand and not on the time constraints pressing down on them.

(Sorry for boring you there)….. (I’m really not)….. That just had to be said. There’s not much else happening over here in the world of Scarce, other than the constant news alerts of Theresa May’s failing Conservative government. The one political party I actually agreed and believed in left to shatter behind this failed leadership. Maybe one day i’ll chair the conservatives and make the schooling timetable much like the University version, making the children of the future less stressed one step at a time.

Thanks for sticking by and reading! It’s really nice to see your names pop up! Dont forget to keep involved and drop me an email if you want (scarcelifeblog@gmail.com) or leave a little comment below this post! Have a great day everyone!



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